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Grand Open Server «Сraft -PvP x100» | January 2, at 20:00 (GMT +3)



Grand Open 2 January, 2020 at 20:00 Moscow time

Open Beta Test - 30 December, 2020 at 20:00 MSK


Fange team is pleased to inform you about the launch of our New Year's server  Craft-PvP x100


Time-tested server assembly guarantees a high-quality game without unexpected bugs and a great start-up online which will not be superfluous on any project.


nW6V_akliJo.jpg Why is it worth paying attention to our project?

  • Stable servers - We are not one-day!
  • An advertising campaign after starting the server does not drop online to a critical minimum .
  • One of the best defenses against DDoS attacks, our project has never fallen in history!
  • Professional Technical Support from the Administration with more than seven years of experience!

nW6V_akliJo.jpg Opening of the server on January 2 at 20:00 GMT +3, what awaits you?

  • Perfect start, without DDoS attacks and delays.
  • The lack of items in the Donate store affecting the gameplay.
  • Unprecedented fight with bots.
  • The first launch of the Olympiad January 3 at 18:00, the first Heroes on January 11 at 00:01 GMT +3.
  • See the first Raid Boss Epic Boss resp. Here [link]

nW6V_akliJo.jpg Starting the OBT server on December 30 at 20:00 GMT +3, what awaits you?

  • Ability to purchase all items.
  • opportunity to test all skills from augmentation.
  • 24/7 Olympics.
  • Character Level Change .obt 
  • Shout chat is visible to the whole world.
  • OBT closes January 1 at 21:00 Moscow time.
  • Found errors published in Technical Forum. Topics in the section are visible only to authors and administration.

Not a small amount of advertising campaign guarantees maximum online!
Administration with vast experience will make your game as comfortable as possible!


Enjoy playing on Fange.Ws

Register an account / Read description  Craft-PvP x100

We hope that you will like the server and bring a lot of positive emotions!



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