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    Attention! Ahtung! Shock content! An innovative discovery of a completely new direction at Fange! Opening of a new GVE server on June 11, 20:00 (GMT+3) OBT start on June 8, 2021 at 20:00 (GMT+3) Dear players of all ages and degree of hardcore, right here and right now, with pride in our hearts and fire in our eyes, we present to your attention our new server on the project site Fange.ws - Interlude GvE. The time-tested project team guarantees a high-quality game (prompt response and quick correction of any flaws) and a large start-up online that will not be superfluous on any project. Why is it worth paying attention to our project? Stable server operation - We are not a one-day trip! A long and thoughtful study of all aspects of the game allowed us to create a unique, but at the same time familiar to every player, gameplay, honed to the smallest detail. A completely unobtrusive model of character leveling and enrichment inextricably connects all players with active interaction, which creates an atmosphere of rich PvP content. It sounds complicated, but in reality everything is extremely simple - the more the player takes part and shows combat activity, the faster the character develops and the more currency he receives. The advertising campaign after the start of the server does not allow the online decrease to a critical minimum. One of the best protection against DDoS attacks, our project has never crashed in its entire history! Professional technical support from the Administration with more than 4 years of experience! Fraction system and subtleties The Thracian system is quite transparent and simple - there are two opposing sides to choose from, between which there can be no peace or compromise, namely the side of the world and the side of good. It is not necessary to be a canon villain or a canon good man in order to decide which side will be more to your liking, because you can always change your choice in the future, and go to the other side, the main thing is to take part in the disgrace that is happening. 😃 Those players who are touched by such things as nobility, balance, balance and justice will begin their journey in Elven Village, the village of Elves to the east, under the leadership of the benevolent Archangel Anakim. Players who are more attracted by cunning, chaos, boundless freedom and conquest by force will begin their journey in Dark Elven Village, the village of the Dark Elves in the west, under the leadership of the ruthless Demon Lilith. A few words about development One of the key development goals was to make a stable and high-quality project that would be loved not only by those who crave new adventures, but also stability and confidence that after returning back after a long time, everything will be in its place, in the same place, where it was left, as if returning home. For game developers, who are currently working on finalizing the project, the opinion of the players about how YOU personally see the ideal GVE project is very important, and what should be added or changed, therefore, feedback, your wishes, bug reports, comments and suggestions are warmly welcomed. Found errors published in Technical Forum. Topics in the section are visible only to authors and administration. Not a small amount of an advertising campaign guarantees the maximum online! Administration with vast experience will make your game as comfortable as possible! Enjoy playing on Fange.ws We hope that you will like the server and bring a lot of positive emotions! Read the GVE description / Download files for the game / Server Promotions
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