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  1. https://www.sportzfuel.com/

  2. https://www.sportzfuel.com/

  3. Уважаемые игроки! Для разнообразия игрового процесса мы добавили несколько интересных костюмов, которые можно приобрести в разделе Donate > Accessories > Set`s. Костюмы продаются в виде головных уборов и одеваются на персонажа поверх основной экипировки. Archer`s Hat Red Archer`s Hat Green Wizzard`s Hat Wizzard`s Hat Red Helmet Warrior Cat Hat Nobleses Hat Red Nobleses Hat White Helmet Valkyrie Zaken`s Hat Blue Assassins Mask White Assassin Mask Black Ninja Mask Anakim Hat Samurai Helmet Vampire Hat Santa Hat
  4. Key bindings: Figures 1-9 first panel, F1-F12 second panel Figures 1-9 first panel, F1-F12 second panel, Q-P third panel F1-F12 first panel Figures 1-9 second panelF1-F12 first panel Figures 1-9 second panel, Q-P third panel Original panel
  5. Additional patch updates In addition to the below listed amenities and optimizations, do not forget about server-side optimization - the .antilag command. Functional: WH on the wheel (Middle mouse). Disable all effects by pressing Alt + Q (nipples, hilki, etc.). Display FPS and frame delays with the Alt + End key. Disable fog with the Alt + Home or Home key. Changing skill animations: Added new optimized animation of hilok bisha (like Body of Avatar). Added new animation for the Hydro Blast skill. Added radius for passing overdb dbafov. Added the radius of passage of the masses of the nekra bans. Added a warning animation that casts ali beats (red flash overhead). Added animation Ali ud (Flames of Invincibility), a blue ball, 3 seconds before the end of the effect, the ball turns red. Added new animation of the Spell Force skill + highlighting the one on whom the charge is going. Added new Battle Force skill animation. Added display when enchantment under ye (Ultimate Evasion). Added display when the character is under the icon (Angelic Icon). Hillock (and nubla) caste animation is now without fading. Optimized Aura Flash animation. Optimized The Honor of Pa'agrio skill animation. Animations of overpair buffs and regenerating skills (regen HP, cp) are displayed only on the overp. Removed the effect (animation) when under malaria. The display of over-dbuffs is disabled (the animation that appeared on that person to whom the d-baf got out). Optimized mass animations. Folder "Advanced" in the patch: Added l2.ini files with the ability to use frameless mode and use more memory for the game. Added a file user.ini with a standard speed of rotation of the camera and the speed of scrolling the mouse wheel. Added file user.ini with increased speed of rotation of the camera and speed of scrolling with the mouse wheel. Added interface.xdat file with bind: numbers 1-9 first panel, F1-F12 second panel. Added interface.xdat file with bind: numbers 1-9 first panel, F1-F12 second panel, Q-P third panel. Added interface.xdat file with binds: F1-F12 first panel, Figures 1-9 second panel. Added interface.xdat file with binds: F1-F12 first panel, Figures 1-9 second panel, Q-P third panel. Added interface.xdat file with original binds. Short commands in the game:
  6. Resize buff icons: The minimum size allowed is 12 pixels. Maximum allowable size - 36 pixels
  7. Shift + Click on inventory items: Displays the name of the item in the game chat. Displays the name of the stackable items and their number in the game chat. Button to sort items in inventory: Sorts all items in inventory: Currency Weapons Armor Bijouterie Other items (sharpening scrolls, jars, elixirs, recipes, materials) Experience / Chat Lock Buttons: Lock / unlock gain experience Block / unblock the receipt of messages Invitation to group buttons and bidding offers: Sending a request for invitations to the group from the target window Sending a trade request (exchange) from the target window Private chat from the target window: Adds specials symbol and player's nickname for writing to him in a private chat by clicking from the target window
  8. Game Client Modifications The following describes the addition of a client modification to the main server patch. If you have your own suggestions, we are ready to listen to them in personal messages on the forum. Attention! All updates in this topic are test. There may be some errors in the detection of which report us in private messages. Update from 03/02/2018 - 16th version: Added the ability to change the size of the buff icons from 12 to 36 pixels Added clan patch Added new key bindings Displaying information on the screen: Target damage Deducing target damage CP / HP / MP refill Patency spoiled Passable debuffs Character Statistics (PvP / PK / Karma) Transparency of interface elements: Ability to change the transparency of the skill panel Ability to change the transparency of the game and system chat Transferring skills to the party window debuff slots: Ability to transfer skill Noblesse Blessing Ability to transfer skill Arcane Power Group control buttons: Ability to transfer group leader The possibility of excluding players from the group Removing buffs with Alt + Click: Does not work on debuffs Does not work at the Olympiad Does not work on events Doesn't work for buffs: Snipe, Noblesse Blessing The ability to transfer modules:
  9. Dear players! We are happy to share with you the news that the servers that will be opened in the future will no longer be closed and reset. All the servers in 1-2 months after the opening will connect to the already open servers on which our players play for a long time. All that is on the characters during the merger, as well as clans, vaults and, in principle, everything related to the acquired property will be saved and transferred to another server. There will always be two working servers: x1200 and x75, into which all subsequent open servers of a similar nature will merge. Before the merger, all players will be warned about this on the forum and the announcement in the game.
  10. The Fange team is happy to inform you about the launch of our Interlude PvP-Classic x1200 server The time-tested server assembly guarantees a high-quality game without unexpected bugs and a large start-up online that will not be superfluous on any project. Why is it worth paying attention to our project? Stable servers - We are not one-day! No wipes - connecting new servers with a similar concept for maintaining online. The best implementation of Interlude - will allow you to feel all the mechanics of the game, as it was on the official server. An advertising campaign after starting the server does not drop online to a critical minimum . One of the best defenses against DDoS attacks, our project has never fallen in history! Professional Technical Support from the Administration with more than seven years of experience! Opening of the server on 21January at 20:00 GMT +3, what awaits you? Perfect start, without DDoS attacks and delays. The lack of items in the Donate store affecting the gameplay. Official PTS Interlude mechanics with useful Java server features. Unprecedented fight with bots. First sieges of January 20-21 The first launch of the Olympiad on 21 January at 18:00, the first Heroes on 30-31 January at 00:30 GMT +3. See the first Raid Boss Epic Boss resp. Here [link] Starting the OBT server 18 January at 20:00 GMT +3, what awaits you? Ability to purchase all items for 1 Adena. opportunity to test all skills from augmentation. Scrolls of sharpening in increments of +6 and 100% chance. 24/7 Olympics. Character Level Change Available at NPC Career Manager. Shout chat is visible to the whole world. OBT closes 20 January at 22:00 GMT +3. Found errors published in Technical Forum. Topics in the section are visible only to authors and administration. Not a small amount of advertising campaign guarantees maximum online! Administration with vast experience will make your game as comfortable as possible! Enjoy playing on Fange.ws Register an account / Read description PvP x1200 We hope that you will like the server and bring a lot of positive emotions!
  11. Команда Fange с радостью сообщает вам о запуске нашего сервера Interlude PvP-Classic x1200 Проверенная временем сборка сервера гарантирует качественную игру без неожиданных багов и большой стартовый онлайн который не будет лишним на любом проекте. Почему стоит обратить внимание именно на наш проект? Стабильная работа серверов - Мы не однодневка! Одна из самых лучших сборок INTERLUDE позволит ощутить всю механику игры, как это было на официальном сервере. Лучшая реализация INTERLUDE - CT0 на Java платформе. Рекламная кампания после старта сервера не дает понизится онлайну до критического минимума. Одна из лучших защит от DDoS атак, наш проект за всю историю ни разу не падал! Профессиональная Техническая поддержка от Администрации с опытом работы более 4х лет! Открытие сервера 21 Января 20:00 по Москве, что вас ждет? Идеальный старт, без DDoS атак, и задержек. Отсутствие в Донейт магазине предметов влияющих на игровой процесс. При старта сразу 40 уровень и Top No Grade экипировка. Первые осады 29-30 January. Первый запуск олимпиады 21 January в 18:00, первые Герои 30-31 January в 00:30 по Московскому времени. Ознакомиться с первым респом Raid Boss & Epic Boss можно здесь [link] Запуск ОБТ сервера 18 Января в 20:00 по Москве, что вас ждет? Шанс поймать умения из Top Grade Life Stone во времени ОБТ увеличен на 40%. На время обт шанс заточки до +6 составляет 100%. Олимпиада 24/7 (с 00:20 ночи, до 00:00). По команде .obt доступно управления уровнем персонажа, а так же получение всей валюты в любом кол-ве. Во время ОБТ шаут чат виден во всех городах. ОБТ закрывается 20 January в 22:00 по Московскому времени. Найденные ошибки публикуем в технический раздел. Темы в разделе видят только авторы и администрация. Не малый объем рекламной кампании гарантирует максимальный онлайн! Администрации с огромным опытом работы, сделает вашу игру максимально комфортной! Приятной Играйте на Fange.ru Зарегистрировать аккаунт / Читать описание PvP-Classic x1200 / Скачать файлы для игры Надеемся что сервер придется вам по душе и принесет много положительных эмоций!
  12. Dear playres! We are pleased to inform you about the launch of the new Interlude MultiCraft x100 server. Opening date - 17 December 20:00 GMT +3 Open Beta-Testing - 14 December 20:200 GTM+3 A time-tested server build guarantees a quality game without unexpected bugs and a great starting online which will not be superfluous on any project. Download files - link. Register an account - link. Promotions - link. Free speaking forum - link. We hope that the server will please you and bring many positive emotions!
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