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Found 1 result

  1. The Fange team is happy to inform you about the launch of our Interlude PvP-Classic x1200 server The time-tested server assembly guarantees a high-quality game without unexpected bugs and a large start-up online that will not be superfluous on any project. Why is it worth paying attention to our project? Stable servers - We are not one-day! No wipes - connecting new servers with a similar concept for maintaining online. The best implementation of Interlude - will allow you to feel all the mechanics of the game, as it was on the official server. An advertising campaign after starting the server does not drop online to a critical minimum . One of the best defenses against DDoS attacks, our project has never fallen in history! Professional Technical Support from the Administration with more than seven years of experience! Opening of the server on 21January at 20:00 GMT +3, what awaits you? Perfect start, without DDoS attacks and delays. The lack of items in the Donate store affecting the gameplay. Official PTS Interlude mechanics with useful Java server features. Unprecedented fight with bots. First sieges of January 20-21 The first launch of the Olympiad on 21 January at 18:00, the first Heroes on 30-31 January at 00:30 GMT +3. See the first Raid Boss Epic Boss resp. Here [link] Starting the OBT server 18 January at 20:00 GMT +3, what awaits you? Ability to purchase all items for 1 Adena. opportunity to test all skills from augmentation. Scrolls of sharpening in increments of +6 and 100% chance. 24/7 Olympics. Character Level Change Available at NPC Career Manager. Shout chat is visible to the whole world. OBT closes 20 January at 22:00 GMT +3. Found errors published in Technical Forum. Topics in the section are visible only to authors and administration. Not a small amount of advertising campaign guarantees maximum online! Administration with vast experience will make your game as comfortable as possible! Enjoy playing on Fange.ws Register an account / Read description PvP x1200 We hope that you will like the server and bring a lot of positive emotions!
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